All items on board ship are priced in U.S. Dollars and we operate a ‘cashless’ system. Simply validate your Celebrity SeaPass account with an acceptable credit card at the cruise check-in desk or during online check in. Then you can sign all onboard purchases to your account. At the end of your cruise you will receive an itemised statement. 

You will be charged in the currency of your credit card company based on the current exchange rate. If you would prefer to pay in US Dollars, please inform our cruise check-in agents at the pier.  SeaPass accounts may also be settled in cash but not personal cheques or any currency other than U.S. Dollars. 
There is a cash machine on your Celebrity Cruises ship which dispenses U.S. Dollars (USD $5 fee per transaction), and Euros (€6 fee per transaction) for European sailings.

Bring a small amount of local currency for expenditure ashore and we also recommend that you take sufficient funds in USD $ travellers cheques which may be cashed on board in small amounts.

We accept the following credit cards on board Celebrity Cruises ships: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery and Diners Card. We don’t accept American Express Traveller Cheque Cards or any other pre-paid cards or Maestro/ Switch cards. 

Whilst you are onboard, your spend will be authorised at the close of business each day. Your card provider, as part of their standard procedures, may retain these authorisations (also known as ‘hold charges’) for up to 28 days which are outside of the control of RCL Cruises Ltd. For this reason, you may wish to set up a cash only account or register a credit card rather than a debit card at the start of your sailing. You may also wish to contact your bank at the end of your cruise to assist with any outstanding authorisations. 

Final settlement of your account will take place at the end of your cruise. If you are travelling on consecutive cruises your bill will be settled at the end of each cruise.